Why you need to worm a horse in winter and which wormer you need to give now!

When it comes to worming your horse it can feel literally like a can of worms.   And while we advise never to just reach for the wormer as the season changes. You may have heard you need to worm your horse in winter, but don’t give just any wormer!   Read on to discover why winter is the one time you must give your horse a wormer, even if you regularly do worm count tests and you horse has a low […]

10 Yard & Horse Jobs You Need to Do in September

Can you feel autumn drawing in and the leaves turning golden as the last warmth of summer fades? Take it as your cue to get some winter preparation in now and make sure that this winter is your easiest yet!  Here is our checklist for 10 Horse and Yard Jobs to get done this September. 1 – Lag the Taps & Check the Hoses! Frozen taps make life in winter miserable as we struggle to meet the most important part […]

How to test your horse for worms, with a worm count kit from EFECS?

People often worry about testing their horse for worms for many reasons.  So if you are worried that testing will be more expensive in the long run, you don’t have time, you don’t fancy digging around droppings and other common myths. Let us take a minute to show you just how to do a test quickly and easily. If  you want to know why worm counts matter for horses click here to read all about the reasons for worm count […]

Why you should routinely test your horse for worms and never just reach for the wormer!

So you want to be the best owner your pony could possibly have, right?  And that means making sure your horse is as healthy and happy as possible.   So why should you test your horse for worms? Routine worming used to be part of the basic care of horses, at certain seasons you would just give your horse a specific wormer, but this is not the recommended advice anymore. A major worm burden can be life-threatening to your horse.  The damage […]

Get to know Clare, the founder of EFECS

Having worked as a qualified SQP (Animal Health advisor) for Equines and companion animals for over 10 years, I found that friends were coming to me more and more for advice regarding worming and more specifically the use of worm counts – the when, why and how-to questions being asked all the time. As a lifelong horse owner, rider & competitor with a passion and background in working with horses, then as a sales representative for an Equine Supplement company […]