How often and when should you do your Worm Count (Faecal Egg Test) For Your Horse?

Many people ask how often they should be doing worm counts for their horses? With a worm count programme in place, we can understand more about the parasites affecting your horse and also treat effectively. Testing dropping samples for worm eggs, may seem a strange thing to do but it matters, because if we continue to use wormers to blanket worm our equine species we will have resistance, to every single worming chemical group that is available on the market […]

Worming the Mare & Foal. What you need to know.

What should you do about worming pregnant mares or a mare and foal? Worming mares and foals is important but also needs to be done carefully. This post will help you discover what you need to do for your mare and foal. Should you worm as normal or not? I get asked this question a lot, so let me help you to make sure your mare and foal are not harmed by worms or wormers! The quick answer is: Pregnant […]

Tapeworm in Horses, Why worming alone is not enough. How to do testing and targeted treatment

We often wonder when to worm our horses for tapeworm. But, it’s no longer as simple as reaching for the praziquantel every six months! Read on to learn how one horse Athena had been treated regularly as per guidelines but had suffered an unusual colic episode. We advised testing for tapeworm see what we found!  But first, let us understand the effects tapeworm has on a horse. Is tapeworm really bad for your horse?  And how do horses even get tapeworm in […]

Get to know Clare, the founder of EFECS

Having worked as a qualified SQP (Animal Health advisor) for Equines and companion animals for over 10 years, I found that friends were coming to me more and more for advice regarding worming and more specifically the use of worm counts – the when, why and how-to questions being asked all the time. As a lifelong horse owner, rider & competitor with a passion and background in working with horses, then as a sales representative for an Equine Supplement company […]