Yard & Horse Jobs To Do in September

As the Blackberries are out and the leaves start to Fall, its time to make sure you, your yard and your horse are ready for winter! So here is our checklist of September Horse Jobs!

Scrub Your Stables!

If you haven’t already done so in the summer now is a great time to thoroughly scrub and disinfect your stables and clean them.  It will not only make them look lovely but will help to prevent pinworm and ringworm too. (Even if you are on a livery yard the welfare of your horse is your responsibilty so get it done)

Clean Hay & Straw Sheds

When did you last sweep out the hay shed?  Now is a great time to tidy it all up.

Put Rat Bait Down

Vermin can carry diseases and also become a pest to your feed or damage your stables.  So safely put the rat bait down out of sight and reach of other animals as it can also kill others.  So use with caution.

Cleaning Grooming Kits & Box

Keeping your brushes and box clean helps them to clean your horse better and also they will last longer.  Now is a great time to get all your grooming kit together and top up on supplies like mud guard, mane and tail conditioners etc. that can help keep your pony looking great over winter.

Scrub Buckets & Troughs

I know we should be doing this every week, but which buckets have been laying around or missed a scrub.  Get them clean now!

Scrub Feed Bins

Do you have all the old yucky mouldy bits at the bottom?  Go on get them clean too!

Mud Busting

Do your gateways get muddy?  Now maybe the time to do something about it before winter hits there are some great suggestions here

Fencing Check

Take some time to go around your fence and double check everything, fix any loose posts, or broken areas.  You will be grateful you did, there is nothing worse than escaped horses!

Tack Winter Ready

Winter cold and rain can take its toll on your tack! Give it a good clean and then apply a leather dressing like Renapur which will help to waterproof and nourish it!

Drying Areas Ready!

Now soaked through rugs, boots, saddle pads etc are horrid if they can’t get dry.  Can you create a space to hang these where they can air and dry under cover somewhere or if you already have a space get it tidy.

Lag the Taps & Check  Hoses!

Frozen taps make life in winter miserable as we struggle to meet the most important part of our horses basic needs!  Get some lagging on pipes and taps while it is warm and dry. Check any hoses for leaks and replace if needed and get a spare now!  Why wait?

Buy Winter Supplies

Have you slipped on the yard in winter?  Ice skating while you are leading your horse is not a sport I would recommend.  Stocking up on salt now will save you the pain!  Also what else do you need for winter, do you have a basic first aid kit for your horse should they get a abcess/puss in foot do you have poultice supplies, things for cuts and grazes etc.  Do you need pig oil or any winter supplements?

Clippers Serviced & Blades Sharpened

Does your horse need clipping over winter?  Get those blades sharpened now so when you have time you aren’t waiting for them to be usable.  Perhaps your clippers need a service too?  There are many great sharpening services who will allow you to post!

Rugs at the Ready

We all hope that we can keep the rugs stored as long as possible.  But if you didn’t get them mended, waterproofed etc in the spring now may be the time to dig them out from storage.  Make sure you don’t have any friends nesting in them and get them where you can grab them when the time comes.  It also helps if you mark or store them according to weight.

Winter Warmers

Do you know where your winter waterproofs, gloves hats etc, are? Now is a great time to give them a freshen up wash so you don’t smell of last years muck and to make sure you have a few coats ready.

Make the Most of September!

Get those extra hours riding in while you still can!  It is a beautiful season for long hacks and reminiscing on the summer!

Tip Top Pasture 

Does your field need topping.  September often grows grass well, so cutting the rough patches and stems with a topper may help it pick up and perhaps rest a section ready for winter grazing.

Take the Photos!

There is something about the low light in September the autumnal tones which really make your photos look great.  Winter may be tough who knows what is ahead but memories are for making now so make them and save them to remind yourself when it feels tough that is worth every moment.

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