How to test your horse for worms, with a worm count kit from EFECS?

People often worry about testing their horse for worms for many reasons.  So if you are worried that testing will be more expensive in the long run, you don’t have time, you don’t fancy digging around droppings and other common myths. Let us take a minute to show you just how to do a test quickly and easily.

If  you want to know why worm counts matter for horses click here to read all about the reasons for worm count tests

While it can be tempting to think that is cheaper to just buy a wormer, than a worm count and then have to buy a wormer on top.  A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Parasitology found that 80% of the eggs measured were found in 15% of horses.

Therefore, chances are that most horses have low burdens and are unlikely to need to worming! 

So by using worm counts and targeted treatment, therefore you are more likely to save money compared to buying year round wormers.


There are 3 steps!

STEP 1 – Choose your & Buy Your Test Kit!

Shop for worm counts for horses

So if you look at our worm count test shop page here you will see you have several choices for test kits

You can choose to test for specific worms:

You can choose a pack with more than one test:

You can also choose:

  • Worm Count Year Packs – which will cover all your needs for the whole year, including 4 single tests and 2 Equisal tapeworm you are able to take advantage of a bulk discount saving.
  • Two Horse Worm Count Kit – If you are buying for 2 horses.

Once you know which test you require you can order easily online.  Bulk savings are available for single worm count kits.


STEP 2 – Take your sample

Once you receive your test kit.  You will have detailed instructions so you know exactly what to do:

How to do Single Worm Count Tests on your horses droppings

  1. Write the horses name on the white area of the grip seal bags provided
  2. Using the glove provided take a golf ball sized sample of fresh dung and place it in the grip seal bags provided.
  3. Place the bag with the sample into the other grip seal bag provided and seal
  4. Fill out the card enclosed with all the information about your horse
  5. Check the bags are sealed
  6. Place the sample and the information card into the prepaid envelope provided.
  7. Post ASAP (no longer than 24 hours)
  8. Try to avoid posting on Fridays or over the weekend, ideally take in the morning and post same day.
  9. Results will be sent via email within 48 hours to you.

How to test your horse for Tape Worm 

The video from Rosie our Ambassador explains this brilliantly:


How to test your horse for Pin Worm 

  1. Write the horses name on the white area of the grip seal bag provided
  2. Remove the backing from the tape provided
  3. Pinworm are active at night so testing in the morning gives best results.
  4. Press the tape firmly around the anus on the skin
  5. Fold the tape so both sticky parts are together
  6. Pop into the labelled grip seal bag
  7. Put into the prepaid envelope and post back to EFECS
  8. We will contact you with results.


STEP 3 – Results

Once we have received your samples, we test and document the results for you and email them back within 48 hours.

We won’t just give you the result, but you will get advice for each horse specifically and which wormers you should buy to use if needed.  

Because, we  don’t sell wormers our advice is not biased or based on profit!  

We will tell you which active ingredients target the worms, which wormers on the market you should look at and then you can go and buy the best-priced wormer for you saving you more money.

STEP 4 – Follow Up

You are busy and have enough to worry about!  We know that, so we enter your details into our database and let you know when the time comes to test again and which tests you should do at the time of year.


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