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Helping Horse Owners to keep their Equines Healthy with Independent Worm Count Tests and Advice.

As passionate horse owners we know how important it is to keep our equines happy and healthy through using faecal egg counts (fwecs) and targeted worming programmes.

We are an independent service, with no affiliation to worming companies.  Therefore our advice and recommendations are based entirely on the facts you submit and the results of your test.

We were clueless about worming our new pony and found Clare on the internet and we’ve not looked back .. easy to use tests and super fast delivery and results all sent by email .. we’ve not had to worm him yet as he doesn’t need to be which is great for his health .. explained everything to me and answered all my questions.. let’s me know when the next test is due .. extremely pleased with the service and would definitely recommend .. Thank you.
Sarah Quirk
Horse Owner
photo credit: Laura Fiddaman

You want the best for your horse.

Pumping our animals full of drug is not ideal for them and is creating resistance which will impact horses for generations to come.

At EFECS every plan is tailored to you and your horse. 

We track the results through our own unique database. 

This enables us to keep you informed by either email or text when your equines are next due for either a worm count or wormer depending on the season and previous results.

photo credit Laura Fiddaman

Clare Wood is EFECS’s independent SQP.

Having trained to do faecal egg counts at Liverpool University Clare set up the business in 2017.

An experienced horse woman and competitor.  Clare not only knows about worms she understands horses!

Every case of worm infestation is different routine worming doesn’t always work anymore.  But with Clare on your team you will get it under control.

Please email Info@efecs.co.uk or call 07891 778958 if you need help and guidance or require a bulk yard pack.

photo credit Laura Fiddaman

Advice and Guidance Changes Constantly

Clare is constantly training and updating her knowledge to the latest industry advice.

She is an expert on worming and worms in horses.

The resistance that we have now means that soon we will have no drugs available to treat worms. 

Clare is passionate in educating horse owners and students and is available for talks and presentations.

She also keeps you up to date on our blog and email list  (sign up below)


We also test for pinworm and tapeworm

photo credit: Laura Fiddaman