Welcome to Equine Faecal Worm Egg Count Solutions Ltd (efecs). 

Here at efecs we provide you with a friendly, reliable worming and worm egg count solution for the single horse owner up to and including owners / managers of large livery and competition yards.

We aim to give a fast, friendly knowledgeable service and our Worm Count Kits are supplied via post direct to your door.

We are passionate horse owners ourselves and know how important it is to keep our horses and ponies happy and healthy from the riding school pony, through to the happy hacker to top flight competition horses. To us they are all as important as each other and we know that to you they mean everything.

This is just one of the many reasons we choose to help and support the health of our beloved equines using Faecal Worm Egg Counts (fwecs) and targeted worming programmes.

Independent Service

We pride ourselves on being completely independent and therefore we do not stock wormers or have attachment to any of the worming companies. As such our recommendations are based entirely on the facts available, and we do ask that you complete the information card that comes as part of the kit as fully as possible.

Why use Worm Egg Counts you ask? Well the short and simple answer is to help reduce the buildup of resistance to all drugs that are currently available to us for de-worming.

The longer answer is that they can also help build up a picture of our horse’s general health and wellbeing as well as help to provide targeted worm control programmes for the one-horse owner to large yards of horses, often only one horse in a herd will need treatment and so reduces the need for the others to be exposed to chemicals, thereby reducing the impact of resistance due to the over use of anthelmintic currently available to us.