stay on track with your horse's worm count testing

No more worrying about worms + Your horse!

It's all "IN HAND"!

We know you are busy!

Your horse’s health matters to you but…

It’s hard isn’t it!

Juggling life, Juggling Horses, Juggling Family…

There is so much to remember!

Its impossible to keep all the balls in the air!

So let us take one off your hands!

Introducing the EFECS

Annual Subscription Plan

Our Industry Leading Subscription Plan helps you:

  • Stay on Track
  • Focus on what you do best
  • Know you are in safe hands
  • Budget Better by spreading the cost
  • Save time knowing you don’t have to remember to go buy a kit


✅  Faecal Egg Test Kits sent throughout the year when you need them so you don’t have to remember to buy when they are due. These test for Redworm and Roundworm.

✅  Equisal Tapeworm tests when your horse is due.

✅  Full History Access of your horses records in an easily accessible spreadsheet available at any time.

✅  Support from our Expert Clare with any worming concerns you have and  access to the most current advice available.

✅  Recommend a friend affiliate programme to reward you for being a customer throughout the year.

✅  And more rewards and offers from our friends too!


Q – this looks great but I have already done a worm test this year so what happens

A – That’s totally fine, we will put you on the programme and send when you are next due.  This will cover everything you need over the year.

Q – is tape worm testing included?

A – Yes!  We will send you the tape worm tests at the best time of year to do them

Q – What if I need to cancel

A – You can cancel at any point.  Please email allowing 7 days before your next payment is due so we can cancel in time.  

You will be required to pay the full amount of products used.  If you have not paid enough with your subscription you will need to pay the difference prior to cancellation.

Q – Can I have a refund?

A – No.  this is a subscription plan there are no refunds.

What Clients Say

I've been on the subscription now for both my ponies for over a year. I love that it is just all dealt with each month for the price of a couple of coffees! Well worth every penny and Clare's help and support has been second to none. This saves me so much time!
Jenni bush
I cannot recommend Clare at EFECS highly enough. Her expert help and advice has been invaluable with my horses’ worm management programmes. Results from their worm counts are thoroughly explained with detailed suggestions for each horse. EFECS are a valuable element in keeping my horses looking and feeling fantastic! I would highly recommend Clare to any horse owner. Thank you EFECS! ❤️
Katie Ockenden-Evans